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Remedial gymnastics and exercises section

This section is an inner structure of  Physiotherapy department   which includes gym for physiotherapy exercises, medical massage, and also the center of kinesitherapy. The section insures rehabilitation and regenerative treatment of patients with application of the modern original techniques specially developed and constantly improved for a wide spectrum of diseases of the  musculoskeletal system. various forms of a pathology of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinogenital systems. Due to the complex modified approach thousands of our patients improved  their health and life quality.
The section is represented by  two doctors certified professionals in remedial gymnastics. Individual exercised are carried under the professional instructors? supervision.   Medical massage procedures are carried out by the masseurs owning various techniques of medical massage also with the use of different equipment. All experts have the highest  qualifying category, the experience of work of majority exceeds ten years.
Our multysport gym possesses a complex of modern multifunctional highly specialized equipment, computer complex of diagnostics and rehabilitations allows to accomplish  testing and correcting of musculoskeletal system.
In the center  of kinesitheraphy, equipped with the hi-tech patented simulators and training apparatus, are done the cures of scoliosis of backbone, hernias of intervertebral disks of various localization, diseases of the top and bottom finitenesses, diseases of a uterus and chronic prostatitises,  broncopathologies, various forms of cardiovascular and neurologic diseases.
Head of the department of  remedial gymnastics
Alexander Sibiliev certified kinesitherapist experienced in complex rehabilitation of patients with socially caused and professional diseases, sportsmen?s training and rehabilitation, including Olympic team of the Russian Federation.
4, 4-th Dobryninsky per., Moscow, Russian Federation
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