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Neurology department

The Department of Neurology of Medincentre offers the most advanced and promising approaches for diagnosing and treating neurological diseases in polyclinic and hospital.
Our neurologists have the experience of medical work not less than ten years. Doctors have the highest qualification category, certificates on neurology, scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of medical sciences represent leading national neurological schools, using all modern neurological methods on high technology equipment. The department provides the full spectrum of medical, pharmacological, and support therapies aimed at diagnosing, treating, and relieving neurological problems.
We have fully trained specialist nurses who assist on post   for your care and counseling.
The staff of department includes  neurologists, specialists in manual therapy, acupuncture, psychiatrist engaged in psychosomatics, psychotherapist. Our physicists closely cooperate with cardiologists, endocrinologists.
 priority directions of therapy are:
·      Diagnostics, complex treatment and prevention of progressing of neurologic pathologies, initial forms of chronic insufficiency of brain blood circulation;
·      Correction of condition of patients  with discirculatory encephalopathy  
·      Treatment  of  dizzinesses;
·      Diagnostics and correction of  condition of patients with pathology of vegetative nervous system;
·      Neurologic problems of the cardiological patients with metabolic syndrome,  diabetes;
·      Treatment of sharp infringements of brain blood circulation and its consequences;
·      Cure of asthenic conditions caused by psychoemotional stress and overloads work activity.   
Head of the neurology department
Ludmila Prozorova candidate of medical sciences, doctor of highest qualification category. Member of Moscow neurological society.
4, 4-th Dobryninsky per., Moscow, Russian Federation
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