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Dermatovenerology section

In case of skin pathology or an infectious disease transmitted by sexual way patients are directed to the dermatovenerology section.
The section has two physicians experts in dermatovenerology and venerology with important experience in diagnostics and cure of corresponding infringements. Two leading professors in dermatovenerology are consulting weekly for expert diagnostics and selection of optimum therapy in clinically difficult cases .
The spectrum of the specialized medical services  offered is very wide. Among them are:
·      dermatoscopy of  various skin formations;
·      removal of benign forms of formations;
·      test of skin scales  for performance of microscopic research;
·      check up of skin  with lamp of Wood;
·      treatment of circumscribed alopecia ;
·      chemical   onycholysis of nail plates, treatment of onchomicos;
·      full spectrum of diagnostic techniques for revealing various  urogenital infections, application of modern complex therapy for treatment of the diagnosed diseases transmitted by the sexual way.
Head of the section Eugeny Evdokimov  physician of highest qualification category. In the section the patient can get all kid of consultation related with skin, nails, hair, cutaneous glands.
4, 4-th Dobryninsky per., Moscow, Russian Federation
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