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Surgery Department

Surgery department of  Medincentre consists of following sections:
surgery section ( polyclinic)
surgery section (hospital)
three studies of experts:
Traumatologists - orthopedists
In the sections of department works a team of profession in the branch of surgery. here are 130 specialists in the department among them - 52 doctors, 58 nurses all of them are high quality medical professionals.
Our surgeons offer wide range of diagnostic and medical procedures, carry out regular medical check-up, complex rehabilitation and regenerative treatment.
Surgeons receive daily in polyclinic. The check up of patients, depending on complexity of a clinical case could last from 1 hour till 2 days. We use all the advanced methods- ultrasonic, computer tomography, radiological, endoscopy.  Biochemical diagnostics are carried out online in Russian - Swiss laboratory Unimed, and allows to study up to 600 various parameters.
Besides  procedural and dressing rooms we have   operational  unit and hospital of ?one day?. This allows us to carry operations of small volume concerning superficially located new growths, not heavy traumas, dislocations, fractures,  small medical - diagnostic urological and gynecologic procedures.
 The department of surgery of Medincentre constantly  introduces advanced and effective methods of treatment of patients in the field of surgery. We care about  individual, scientific approach to the treatment of each patient. In case of unusual current of disease the most authoritative doctors are involved in treatment in independently of a place of their presence.
Head of the department
 Professor Ilia Buriev, Doctor of medical science. Surgeon of highest category.
Main specialist
 Professor Vladimir Karlov, Doctor of medical science. Surgeon of highest cathegory
4, 4-th Dobryninsky per., Moscow, Russian Federation
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